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Flue gas online monitoring
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Flue gas online monitoring equipment

  • Brand: SINZEN (Xinze Instrument)
  • Model: TK-1000 series
  • Manufacturer: TK-1000 Series
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product manual

TK-1000 type flue gas on-line monitoring equipment

Product Overview

The flue gas online monitoring equipment uses extraction condensation sampling, backscattered smoke and dust concentration measurement, pitot tube flue gas flow measurement, and computer network communication technology to achieve continuous online monitoring of the concentration and total emission of pollutants from fixed sources of pollutants. At the same time, technical improvements have been made in view of the status of domestic coal types, large changes in coal quality, high pollutant emission concentrations, and high flue gas humidity. And according to the national standard design and finalization, it provides a professional Chinese operating platform and Chinese report function, multiple sets of analog and digital input and output interfaces, which can realize the connection of fieldbus and the selection of multiple communication methods, making the system convenient and flexible.

Flue gas online monitoring equipment ( CEMS) is a full-featured, highest level on-line monitoring system for fixed pollution sources. It is mainly composed of the following subsystems:

1. Continuous monitoring subsystem for solid particulates, using single point monitoring after laser scattering.

、NO X 、CO、CO2、HCL、HF、NH3) 2. Multi-component gas analyzer for continuous monitoring subsystem of gaseous pollutants (SO 2 , NO X , CO, CO 2, HCL, HF, NH 3)

3. Continuous monitoring subsystem for smoke parameters such as oxygen content, smoke flow, pressure, temperature, humidity, etc.

4.Data processing and remote communication system

Technical description

抽取冷凝法CEMS能够测量SO2、NOx、O2、温度、压力、流速、粉尘、湿度; ◢CEMS can measure SO2, NOx, O2, temperature, pressure, flow rate, dust, humidity;

SO2、NOx采用紫外差分吸收光谱(DOAS)分析技术或红外线NDIR分析技术; SO2 and NOx use ultraviolet differential absorption spectroscopy (DOAS) analysis technology or infrared NDIR analysis technology;

O2采用电化学氧电池; O2 uses electrochemical oxygen battery;

湿度采用高温电容法; ◢Humidity adopts high temperature capacitor method;

温度、压力、流速分别采用热敏电阻(PT100)、压力传感器和皮托管微压差法; ◢Temperature , pressure, and flow rate are measured by thermistor (PT100), pressure sensor, and pitot tube differential pressure method;

粉尘采用激光后散射法; dust adopts laser back scattering method;

紫外差分吸收光谱(DOAS)分析技术除了能够测量SO2和NOx外,还能够分析NH3、Cl2、H2S、O3等气体; ◢In addition to measuring SO2 and NOx, ultraviolet differential absorption spectroscopy (DOAS) analysis technology can also analyze NH3, Cl2, H2S, O3 and other gases;

与抽取热湿法CEMS相比,本系统具有结构简单、可靠性高、响应速度快、维护方便等优点; ◢Compared with the CEMS extraction method, this system has the advantages of simple structure, high reliability, fast response speed, and convenient maintenance;

与原位法相比,分析仪具有支持在线校准、测量值波动小、可靠性高、设备维护简单等优点; ◢Compared with the in-situ method, the analyzer has the advantages of supporting online calibration, small fluctuations in measured values, high reliability, and simple equipment maintenance;

本分析仪整机结构紧凑,方便运输和安装。 The whole structure of this analyzer is compact, convenient for transportation and installation.

系统运行数据采集率≥90%,系统提供的检测数据资料可用率≥90%,并具有查阅历史数据功能。 ◢The system operating data collection rate is ≥90%, the availability rate of the test data provided by the system is ≥90%, and it has the function of viewing historical data.

输出单位:对所检测烟气的各种参数,系统除在就地分析仪器面板上显示外还均以4~20mA标准模拟量信号输出。 Output unit: For the various parameters of the detected flue gas, the system outputs 4-20mA standard analog signals in addition to the display on the panel of the local analysis instrument. ,流量计测出流速信号应折算成体积流量Nm 3 /s输出,温度单位为℃。 The unit of concentration of gaseous pollutants is mg / Nm 3. The flow rate signal measured by the flow meter should be converted into a volume flow Nm 3 / s output, and the temperature unit is ℃.

系统能够真正实现无人职守运行,系统具有自诊断功能及主要部件故障报警功能,包括:测量元件/检测探头的失效、超出量程、采样流量不足、反吹压力低、采样头温度低、采样管线温度低、预处理系统故障、分析仪器故障等。 ◢The system can truly realize unattended operation. The system has self-diagnostic function and main component fault alarm function, including: failure of measuring elements / detection probes, overrange, insufficient sampling flow, low backflush pressure, low sampling head temperature, sampling Low pipeline temperature, failure of pretreatment system, failure of analytical instruments, etc.

Third, the technical parameters


Measurement principle



More details....

Laser backscatter

Measuring range

0-200mg / m3, 0-10g / m 3


When ≤50mg / m 3 , the absolute error is ≤ ± 15mg / m 3 .

Zero drift

≤ ± 2.0% FS

Span drift

≤ ± 2.0% FS

Gaseous pollutant

(SO 2 , NO X )

More details....

NDIR infrared principle / ultraviolet differential spectroscopy

Measuring range

0-5000mg / m 3 (can be customized according to demand)

Zero drift

≤ ± 2.0% FS

Span drift

≤ ± 2.0% FS

Response time


Linear error

≤ ± 5.0%.

Repeatability error

≤ ± 2.0%.

Oxygen content of flue gas

More details....

Electrochemical / zirconia method

Measuring range


Linear error

≤ ± 5.0%.

Zero drift

≤ ± 1.0% FS

Span drift

≤ ± 1.0% FS

Relative accuracy

≤ ± 5.0%.

Response time


Repeatability error

± 2%

Flow rate

More details....

S-type pitot tube method

Measuring range

0-40m / s



Relative error

When it is more than 10m / s, the relative error is ≤ ± 10%;

When <10m / s, the relative error is ≤ ± 12%.


. More details ...

Thermal resistance method

Measuring range

0-500 ℃

Indication deviation

≤ ± 3 ℃


More details....

Differential pressure sensor

Measuring range

-3000 ~ + 3000Pa


± 2.5% FS

Product features

Easy maintenance and simple operation;

The gas chamber has a micro heat tracing function to reduce the lens cleaning cycle;

Simple system structure and high integration;

Under the action of the drainage pump, the flue gas directly enters the gas chamber through the probe and the heat tracing line, measures the SO2 and NOx concentrations, and then directly enters the zirconia / humidity / drainage pump module, and is directly discharged. Easy maintenance

The core devices and algorithms are all independently developed;

The core devices are all independently developed including light sources, spectrometers, gas chambers, humidity modules, and dust meters;

The DOAS algorithm is independently developed, and the system has strong market competitiveness.

Five, the main function

烟尘(颗粒物)浓度、SO 2的(标准、湿基、干基和折算)浓度、烟气流速、烟气温度、烟气湿度、烟气含氧量等多项相关参数及统计排放率、排放总量等。 Monitoring items: smoke dust (particulate matter) concentration, SO 2 (standard, wet basis, dry basis and conversion) concentration, flue gas flow rate, flue gas temperature, flue gas humidity, flue gas oxygen content and other related parameters and statistical emissions Rate, total emissions, etc.

全中文图形界面,可显示参数列表、实时曲线图、历史曲线图、历史数据、报警画面、报表等。 Display function: Graphic interface in Chinese, which can display parameter list, real-time curve graph, historical graph, historical data, alarm screen, report, etc.

定时打印和人工打印(包括画面、曲线、参数及报表)。 Printing function: regular printing and manual printing (including picture, curve, parameter and report).

超限报警、事故报警。 Alarm function: over-limit alarm, accident alarm.

完善的历史数据存储及显示功能,数据存储最小间隔可达1秒,存储量可达数年。 Historical data: complete historical data storage and display function, the minimum interval of data storage can reach 1 second, and the storage capacity can reach several years.

系统的数据可通过局域网与其它计算机共享,也可以通过GPRS进行远程数据传输。 Data transmission: The system's data can be shared with other computers through the local area network, or remote data transmission through GPRS.

扩展性强,可根据政策和法规的改变随时增加新的内容。 Scalability: Strong scalability, can add new content at any time according to changes in policies and regulations.

RS232/RS422/RS485 Communication interface: RS232 / RS422 / RS485


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Quality of service processes

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